Sunday, May 23, 2010

Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser Review

This product had me excited. As a revolutionary new way to cleanse my face, I was keen to give it a go. My first attempt with the Neutrogena Wave was not without its problems. Perhaps it was just me, but I had an epic 10-min battle trying to get the battery cover off without breaking my already short nails. Enter boyfriend-in-shining armour, who flicked it off in 0.05 seconds. Typical.

Whilst I absolutely love the innovativeness behind this product, I don't think it would work for everyone. Firstly, your choice of cleanser is limited to the Deep Clean Range. Not at all a problem for me as I love that range, but could be a hurdle if you have sensitive/special-needs skin. Secondly, the foaming cleanser just did not 'foam' as promised. On closer inspection it had foamed up well on the pad, but this just wasn't translating to my face. Finally, the need to buy refill pads also was a negative for me. As each pad must be changed after use, this can be a costly exercise if you're like me and like to wash your face day and night. I love Neutrogena products and will continue to use the gel and cream cleaners I have from them, but the Wave is just not for me. I prefer a good old-fashioned scrub with my hands and a quality cleanser.

Despite these downfalls, the novelty of the cleanser still gets a thumbs-up from me. Loved the massaging feeling from the vibrations, and the contours made it easy to grip and manoeuvre. If you are thinking of purchasing this product, the novelty of it alone is probably worth it. I live in a shared house. My boyfriend currently thinks it's the funniest thing to leave it running at strange times of the day and night, to make my housemates think it is something else...! As I have said, the novelty factor of this product is through the roof.

~The Style Pot

RRP $19.99 for Neutrogena power-cleanser and 14 included pads. Refills come in packs of 30, at a cost of RRP $13.99.

**This product was sent to me specifically for the purpose of review.

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  1. pretty good review, I've always wondered how good this product was x