Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Problem With Holidays Is...

... I have too much darn time on my hands! Too much time = a copious amount of internet surfing = disaster for my bank accounts! Oh yes, it also equals embarrassing, awkward moments between the Postie and also the Post Office Workers for the ridiculous amount of parcels I get each week.

Aside from the Pilgrim haul I have posted about below, here are some other recent purchases:

I came across this outfit by Sass and decided I NEEDED it. So, I bought the dress and the jacket to match! This is the Sass Layla Floral Dress, and the Sass Paige Blazer in mandarin.

Dress is originally about $90, I got it for $45
Jacket is about $80, I got it for $40

Here are a few of my eBay purchases I am waiting on:
*Prices don't include the cost of postage.

FCUK Dress, $30

BCBG Max Azria Bandage Dress, $27

Lucette Lace Maiden Dress in Black, $14

I have also bought off eBay some make-up items - this is because I take the shade 'natural beige' in the Maybelline range, and this only seems to be available overseas in the US.

I bought the dream liquid mousse and the dream mousse concealer to try, and bought some back-ups of the dream matte mousse and powder (one of my HG's).

I have also recently bought the Nude By Nature Mineral Foundation, and will shortly do a review on it - I hope they are good considering the price!

As you can see, I have been very busy and need to step. away. from. the. computer.


  1. That bandage dress is so hot it actually made me put down the Twirl I was eating, haha.

  2. Awesome buys, you always find the best bargains!
    Would love to read a review on nude by nature :)

  3. @Cindy - Haha I can't wait to get it and see how it fits. It's BNWT and RRP of $350 so a bit of a steal there!

    @Corrina - I'm really hoping the NBN works well, I've tested it on my arm and it looks very shimmery lol - I'm not sure how that is going to translate on my face, but I'll let you know!

  4. wow what a bargain for the fcuk dress!

  5. Gorgeous buys! I absolutely love the bandage dress. What a bargain!