Friday, March 5, 2010

What is 'The Style Pot'?

I'm not going to lie. The Style Pot is going to be yet another blog on all things fashion and beauty. But the point of difference of this blog is that it will feature real, attainable products. As beautiful as they may be to look at, I won't be featuring those latest diamond-encrusted bikinis that only 0.02% of the population could actually afford.

The aim of this blog is to feature and review real products, and to keep you up to date with the latest deals and offers. For reference sake, I am a 20-something Uni student, so I have had a few years experience at living on a measly budget. This blog is for those like me out there who want to look and feel their best and keep up to date with the latest trends, without having to sacrifice a week's worth of food :)

~The Style Pot