Monday, July 5, 2010

Aurelio Costarella Flounce Dress for $99.00!

This morning I managed to pick up the black silk Aurelio Costarella Flounce Dress. This is from 2008 season, so a few years old. But, considering the RRP was over $800, and I got it for $99, I'm certainly not complaining.

I got this magnificent bargain off
-The site is free to join.

Last time I checked (about 9:30am), there was one left in a size 10.
At 6:00am there were:
-Two size 6's (of which I bought one!)
-One size 8
-Four size 10's
-One size 12

So as you can see, they didn't last long at all!

I like the styling of the runway model, with a silk belt around the waist to give shape. Think I will DIY one of those for myself. Being a black dress, it shouldn't be too hard to track down some similar material and make one up!

~The Style Pot.


  1. Such a good buy! Well done :)
    I'm signed up to this but I never read their emails , I really should start to.

  2. Haha, by the time you read the emails it would probably be too late to snap up the bargains.

    Buyinvite sales starts at 6:00am. What I usually do is check the site the night before for upcoming sales, and if a sale catches my eye I might set my alarm to wake up and check it out.

    Lucky for me I can do all of this in the comfort of bed as I can use my iphone, so as soon as I'm done shopping its straight back to sleep for me hehe


  3. Ahhh *such* a lovely dress! I wish I had the discipline to get myself up that early. As it is, I normally open the email after half the stock is sold out!