Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Has Country Road Expanded Their Sizing???

Well got a $30 voucher in the mail for making it to the next level of spending with CR Rewards (most thanks go to b/f who bought up big there recently on suits/pea coats/bags/gloves for work)

Took said b/f into the store, fully expecting he would be the one spending the $30 voucher as most CR clothes swim on me (I am a petite size 6) so I usually don't even go to the effort of looking.

Surprisingly enough, I found two staple CR merino wool cardigans, both in XXS. I have never seen a CR cardigan go below an XS, so of course I tried them on. They fit perfectly, I even would have found it tight to button them up, but all I wanted was for them to be worn open. I also found a CR stripey dress in size XXS too! This was meant to be an oversized fit, so it wasn't skin tight on me, but not bad for CR sizing I must admit. **Will add photos of said clothing at a later date!

The cardigans had $30 off them as an in-store promotion on knitwear, so I got them for $70 each (usually $100 each). The dress was $80 at regular price, but I just had to have it. I know these may not be *bargain* buys, but they are good investments for basic quality pieces that will hopefully last a few seasons.

I am completely (and pleasantly!) surprised that CR is adding more XXS sizing to its styles. Is this something new that anyone else has noticed, or have I just been oblivious to this all along?

~The Style Pot

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