Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alannah Hill Crazy!

Got some great bargains on a few Alannah Hill pieces from the sale at

They are sold out of a lot of stock now, so glad I got it when I did. I received these pieces:

AH Watch Me, Watch You Beanie. RRP $89, I paid $20

AH Deeply Bothered Headband. RRP $49, I paid $10

AH How Very Dare You Necklace. RRP $79, I paid $20

Very happy with all my purchases, love them all and can't wait to wear them! I paid $50 for items worth $220. Got to be happy with that, especially when it is gorgeous Alannah Hill pieces.

I was a bit put off by postage though - the site charges $10 for the first item, then $5 for every additional item. I had about 10 headbands I had lined up ready to buy, but had to put them back as the shipping was ridiculous. I did write a feedback letter to the company, and have now been told that postage will be $10 for the first item, and $2 for every item thereafter! Sounds a lot more reasonable to me! Never underestimate the power of customer feedback.

~The Style Pot


  1. Great Buys!! Checking out that site now! :)

  2. I felt the exact same way about shipping too. Thought it was ridiculous to pay almost 1/3 of the cost of items for shipping. Good that you provided them with feedback.

  3. Glad I wasn't the only one Wenz! For interest sake, I paid $20 for the shipping of my items... they came in an $8.00 pre-paid satchel. I could have bought another headband with the extra money they pocketed for non-existent postage costs!

    Anyway at least they have tried to amend it, just have to be thankful that they even listened I guess =) Can't wait to see what future designer sales they will have on there!

  4. Wow, great bargains! I love that headband <3

  5. Oh my how did I not hear about this sale!
    I love love love that beanie!! There isn't even any on ebay :(
    Great buys!

  6. Thanks so much for showing!

    Devo that beanie is gone now :(

  7. And it's sold out. Back to my first post - Devo.

  8. Thankyou everyone for the lovely comments =)

    Aspiring Domestic Goddess, most of the items below $20 were sold out within the first few hours of it becoming known it was a sale.

    I found out about it because I was notified by missyconfidential - they email you about new sales, so I would definitely recommend signing up so you can be one of the first to know about sales in the future too!

  9. great purchases!!! really love the necklace. i want one now!!
    you should model with these assessories on - just so people can get an idea of how to style it, thus wanting to buy it themself!! aka. me!!