Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Tony Bianco Lovin'

Just a quick post about a pair of shoes I received in the mail today. On eBay (LOVE) I scored a pair of Tony Bianco Prance shoes in black leather for $38.00 (RRP $140). They aren't current season shoes - but look at them, would they ever be out of season?! Yes, I am in love. Perfect shape, perfect heel height.

I will let you in on a guilty secret - I actually already own this style in black patent leather AND a nude patent leather!!!

Partner: You already have those shoes! How are you justifying another pair?
Me: ...err, umm... work... yes, work! I need them for when I get a job (still at Uni FYI). I can't wear my black patent ones to work as ...err.... they'd be too shiny! (not necessarily true, but it sounds good...)

I also got the other two pairs also for around the same price, albeit a few months before (again, eBay). So, if you think about it, I really got three pairs of these beauties for the cost of one!

Ta Da! L-R: Plain black leather, honey nude patent leather, black patent leather

Just between you and me, I feel like a little bit of a shoe shop owner.

~The Style Pot


  1. The seller was bassgreige. Best shoe seller on eBay, I have been so happy with their service and shoes, would recommend to anyone. I think from memory I actually bought all three pairs from that seller, just at different times =)

  2. Love these shoes! I really need a plain, nice pair of heels in nude and black too x Sushi

  3. thats super awesome and cheap!!
    was it a buy it now price or auction?

  4. Are they still on sale? Prance is awesome once they're broken in.

  5. I bought mine as an auction, although the buy it now price wasn't far off that (perhaps $50 from memory).

    There are quite a few pairs of TB Prance floating around on eBay, so your best bet is to do a search and hope they are in your size =)

  6. I rather like this picture and agree with you about that ebay seller. I am on a shoe ban till after my Europe trip in July so I will drool over your little Prance collection x

  7. Nice shoes! You're like me, buying the same style in different colours!