Friday, April 2, 2010

Bargains, Bargains, Bargains!

New post as promised, sorry about the delay.

Now whilst as noted I have been busy with Uni, apparently I haven't been so busy as to stop myself from online shopping! I have picked up some great bargains in the last few days and will share them with you today.

My favourite online places to bargain shop? Well, eBay to begin with, but that deserves its own entirely separate post (I HEART EBAY). If you don't know where to look, then you're in luck because I am about to show you.

There are sites online which bring you items at heavily discounted prices. Yes often the stock is last seasons, and sizing/styles may be limited than from buying when the seasons first come out... but for the price, no-one can complain. Also note that shipping takes a while from these sites, as they only get their stock in once the sale finishes up on the site. Patience is a necessity.

The main sites I frequent are;

If you love a bargain, then you need to sign up to these websites. Pronto! Some of these (estile, brandsexclusive) are invite only. If you need an invite, let me know and I shall oblige.

So, onto my haul for this week from these sites;

A great Evil Twin sale was on this week at Up to 70% off RRP, I picked up;

(PICS courtesy of

-Black Silver 'Constant Rain' Shoulder Tee. RRP $60, I paid $29

-Silver 'The Constant Rain' Leggings. RRP $75, I paid $25

-White Black Skull Singlet. RRP $40, I paid $17

So, that was a saving of $104 I made!

Onto, where I made a single purchase of the Anise Material Girl Dress. RRP $110, I paid $26.00. Bargain!

(PICS Courtesy of

Okay, now my final purchase this week came from I purchased the Luna 'want to meet a sailor boy dress'. RRP $90, I paid $25.

(PIC courtesy of

So, I hope you enjoyed seeing the purchases I have made, and don't forget to sign up for those sites so in the future you too can be the proud owner of some absolute bargains!

~The Style Pot


  1. Loving the Anise dress and what a bargin! I will be definatly checking out!

  2. It was such a bargain! I had a look and some online stores were still selling it at full retail price!

    Following the suggestion of another commentor, I will be uploading photos of me modelling the actual items in this Post once I have received them :)

  3. Hey mandstar! I've just found your blog and am loving reading it :)

    If you could help me out with an invite to estile and brandsexclusive I'd be much appreciative!!