Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Not Dead! + ASOS Discount Code

Officially two weeks from now I will be exam free... woooooooooooooooooooooooo. Thought I'd do a quick post as I feel extremely guilty for taking this hiatus, like I have abandoned everyone. Sowwy.

As promised, here is a currently valid code for 10% off ASOS: DELAYED1910

Pictures are good, so here are some items I have ordered off ASOS: I ordered in US dollars, which right now the AUS dollar is doing so well against!

(1) TFNC Pleat Front Floral Bandeau Dress: $26.96 USD
-Funny story - I actually saw this dress on eBay selling for $70, and I really wanted it so thought I would look on the actual ASOS website, and there it was on sale! So glad I shopped around!

(2) ASOS Spot Tulip Skirt: $10.11 USD

(3) ASOS Floral Waterfall Crop Top: $13.48 USD

Now just waiting for it all to arrive. Maybe it will come in time to be my post-exams treat to myself.



  1. The Asos code wouldn't work for me! :(

  2. That's strange! I'm not sure what sort of conditions are attached to it, but I know it has worked for other people. Sorry about that! x