Saturday, November 27, 2010

Graduation, Blog Neglect, and ASOS Love

Firstly, I am SO sorry for my blog neglect. My initial intention was to only be gone for a few weeks over the exam period. But in the middle of exams we found out we were approved for a new place to live in the city. So, straight after exam mode I then moved into packing and unpacking mode, and now finally here I am. Two weeks after moving in, I finally feel settled enough to come back and revive my poor blog.

I thought I would start by sharing the good news that Uni results were released yesterday. Well, it was good news for me anyway as I am now officially going to graduate this year with a BA.LLB (Hons). For those not in the know, that is a combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree, with honours to boot! I am over the moon with this news, as it has been a long five years. The thing I will miss most about being at Uni? Definitely the holidays and the sleep-ins. I have no idea how I will cope once I move into the "real" world.

Finally to keep this post fashion related, ASOS UK has recently been offering free international shipping. I picked up just a few goodies. Ever since moving and having to buy a new fridge, washing machine, lounge suite, dining suite and bed, well my bank balance is not a very happy chappy.

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  1. Congratulations dear. I was so relieved and kind of scared when I graduated. I mean, 5 yrs is a long time to be doing the same thing, then not really sure what the real world is like.
    Yeah, I agree, you'll miss the holidays and sleeping in lol