Sunday, November 28, 2010

Samantha Wills Goodies

Picked up a few SW goodies from the sample sale. I absolutely adore SW, how could you not?! I love that her items are so creative and unique, and that the price is actually very reasonable. Unfortunately for me in-between Uni and the ridiculous amount of money spent on furnishing our new apartment, I can rarely afford to buy her pieces at full RRP. Luckily for me there are these sale sites. Definitely a win-win situation, and I love that my money is going towards supporting an Australian designer.

Here is what I picked up:

-Gold Shyanne Bangle Set: RRP $80, bought for $19

-Black/Silver Revelry Ring: RRP $80, bought for $20.

-Long Kiss Goodnight Clutch: RRP $85, bought for $25

-Excess Baggage Clutch: RRP $80, bought for $20

-Life is a Dance Floor: RRP $80, bought for $20


  1. woww you got some good bargains!

  2. Great buys!!!
    Love the bangles and specially the ring. I've got a bit of thing for chunky rings and my favourite combo at the moment is silver and black!

    Maria @

  3. I love her too - I pretty much only buy my jewellery from her these days!