Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Borne Naked Liners: Get one FREE with any purchase (first 100 buyers)

Girls, I cannot say enough about Borne Naked Liners. They are the perfect solution to any cluttered handbag. I am a huge fan of big bags. I like to be prepared, with everything from mints through to an umbrella, for all of those "just in case" scenarios. Unfortunately, my penchant for carrying around everything I can lay my hands on leads to very cluttered bags with bits and pieces EVERYWHERE! I seriously hate nothing more than a ringing phone which I manage to find in my bag only when it is a second too late. Anyway, my point is, Borne Naked solves this! Best thing ever, read more on their website if you like. Oh also they are Australian, so double bonus! :)

At the moment there is a promo on for 20% off PLUS a FREE Borne Naked for Men liner with any purchase. It is limited to only the first 100 orders, but it only started yesterday, and has only really been widely advertised as of this morning, through missy confidential. So, if you have been thinking about buying one, NOW is the time to do it! The promo code to enter is SHOP.

I picked up the medium size original borne liner, and got 20% off of that. Postage was $5.00, so all up I paid just under $30.00 for it posted (original price plus postage would have been $35.00). On top of that, for being one of the first 100 I will get a FREE Borne Naked for Men worth $24.95. Cannot wait to get my partner onto it!

Now, the only downside to this promo is when you enter the code you don't know if you are the first 100 to get the free liner. I had to email them to find out if my order qualified. So, there is always the risk that you are placing an order but may not be in the first 100. You can always contact them to ask though before placing your order to confirm. Their customer service is excellent, I received a reply within 30mins!

I will be sure to add photos of the liner in use once I receive it!


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