Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Err...more shopping, whoops!

Well, seems like exam time is actually making me shop more, not less!!! Aside from the handful of eBay purchases I have made, I have always bought two things from the Grand Social sale that started today.

There are quite a few things under $20, even a top for $11, which is super cheap considering postage is free!

Here's what I picked up:

-Cassette Society Valley Heart Tee Dress for $28.99, RRP $85 (been after this one for a while)
-Cassette Society Space Swirl Dress for $18.00, RRP $135 (No idea when I would ever wear this, but what the heck for $18.00!)

Plenty of other great buys to be had, so head on over before things sell out!

~The Style Pot

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