Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Teaspoon, Tigerlily and Sass and Bide for Lovable on SALE

One Teaspoon, Tigerlily, and Sass & Bide for Lovable Sale started this morning at

They did have some great bargains, such as $5.00 old season OT dresses! However most of that was sold out by the time I popped on at 9:00am (Priority members pay $100 a year to get earlier access at 7:00am).

I picked up two lots of the One Teaspoon Free Love Dress! Amazing! I've been eyeing this off for a while ever since it appeared on the One Teaspoon Online store for $40.00. SO when it popped up on OzSale for $27.00 I just had to have it. It normally sells for $90 each at RRP.

I bought the grey and black colourway, so for two of those and postage it cost me a mere $62.00 all up including postage. Awesome hey!

Get on over there and check it out for yourself! Quite a few of the items are taken straight from the One Teaspoon Online Store sale, at slightly cheaper prices! I was also very tempted by the gorgeous April Rose mini dress in blue, but decided against it.

~The Style Pot.


  1. hey hun :)

    i havent registered yet, but do they usually have decent priced sales in general? or is it like an one off sale?

  2. Sounds awesome, I love the grey one, looks really nice with all the beading detail. Good bargain dear x

  3. Humpty Dumpty: it is free to join so definitely sign up. They do have brand name sales regularly, though sometimes the stock is terrible past seasons reject clothing that I wouldn't even take if it was free lol!! But definitely you should join for the few treasures they throw in there every now and then. Remember it's free to join, but if you want priority access you pay $100 a year. In my opinion not worth it...

  4. Mashi: thanks hun, I love the grey one the best too! Just figured I should get black as well as 80% of my wardrobe is black haha. Probs not a good thing to add to that, but anything black has a better chance of actually being worn by me hehe.