Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opinions On a Blog Sale?

Just thought I'd post this to get a general feeling of how my blog followers would feel if I started selling my unwanted items on my blog?

I have a ridiculous shopping habit, and can't say no to a bargain, so I have a constant stream of clothes and accessories that I go through. I would be mainly selling clothing suitable for a size 6-8, sometimes a small 10. But of course would also have many other items suitable for everyone, such as jewellery, bags, accessories etc. You can browse through my recent blog posts to get an idea of my style.

At the moment I sell through eBay (my username is mandstar87). But I'd definitely be keen to sell through my blog for cheaper prices if it means I can avoid the hassle of eBay altogether.

Any comments/suggestions would definitely be appreciated :)

~The Style Pot


  1. i say go for it lovely :) sometimes ebay can reach more people but i'd say why not! i would def be interested in grabbing some bargains off you (although i do not need more clothes hahaa) but yeah ebay fees are such a pain i'd say give it a go :)


  2. Thanks hun! I just found your separate sale blog and it's a fantastic idea! It would be much easier to just create a separate blog to keep the clutter off my original blog site, and then I can just link to the sale blog when items are added.

    Ahh, so clever yet so simple. Where would I be without you girls xx

  3. yes please! :) i would deff be interested :)
    i also have had heaps of girls contact me regarding blog sales saying they would love to see them :)
    i think it would be popular :)

  4. Definitely a great idea! I'm around the same size, so I'd be keen to see what goodies you have!