Monday, June 21, 2010

More Grand Social Goodies

Well had another peek on GS again, and they have added new pieces to the sale! I got a few more Cassette Society pieces:

-Electric Fringing Top: RRP $94.95. Bought for $14.00
-Cloud Layered Mini Skirt. RRP $114.95. Bought for $16.00

As you can see from the photos below (taken from GS), the titles don't seem to match the items. I mean, that picture is clearly of a dress, not a top. The skirt I supposedly bought looks like a dress in the photo, though maybe it is a top and skirt in same print.

I have no clue. I guess it might turn into a lucky dip hehe. For those crazy prices though, I'm not complaining!

I really cannot resist a bargain. Both of these would have cost $200+ if bought at retail price. I got them both for $30, including free shipping. Gotta love GS.

~The Style Pot.

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