Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iNuovi Depotting Session!

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Just thought I'd post a mini picture tutorial on how I de-potted my iNuovi eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are 26mm, so I bought from Coastal Scents (a U.S. site) a 12-piece empty pan (HERE), and a 4-piece empty pan with mirror (HERE). All up including postage it cost me USD $20.22. I ordered on AUG 26 and received it today, SEP 7.

These palettes are a perfect fit for the iNuovi.

Step 1: Take off the silver sticker from the bottom, but keep it for later so you can identify your colours. As you can see, the eyeshadow pot is held in place with double-sided tape. You can also see the small hole in the middle. This is where you need a sharp, sturdy object to poke through to release the pan. I used a toothpick!
*NB: Some tutes suggest using a straightener/lighter to heat the bottom before trying to remove the pan. I didn't do this, and honestly did not have too much trouble just poking the pan out with some force.

Step 2: This is a picture of me poking out the pan using the toothpick!

Step 3:Once pan is released, get back the silver sticker, trim to size, and stick on back.

Step 4: Place pan into the palette. Easy peasy! This was my first time depotting anything, so here are the results!

ROW 1 L-R: Eyecake in Sandstone, Eyecake in Black Sapphire, Cappucino, Mayonnaise
ROW 2 L-R: Electric, Copper, Torch, Suede
ROW 3 L-R: Hype, Emerald, Bewitch, Zircon

ROW 1 L-R: Yam, Rain
ROW 2 L-R: Pearl, Bark

My plan is to keep the 12-pan for home use, and I can use the 4-pan for when I am out and about. Best part is I can swap them over depending on what colours I want to take out with me!



  1. Thanks for the mini tute. Just out of curiosity what colours are there in each of your palettes??

    They look divine and was curious to know what they all were.

  2. I've just gone back and put that info into the post for you :) Enjoy x

  3. Wow, there were so many different colours when you ordered! Gah, I wish there were that many eyeshadow colours left for my order. :( I would've loved the browns, am needing more browns.