Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly eBay Buys Post

Whoops! Almost completely forgot about this post. Okay, let's go through what I bought and see if I fared better or worse than last time (money wise!)

1) Zac Posen for target silk blouses x2 (cream and black) @ $25.00 each + 10 postage = $60

2) Glint by Mich Halle ring. $10.15 posted. Bargain! I got this today and I am SOOO in love with it!

3) Don't Ask Amanda cream blouse. $13.50 posted.

Okay, now let's do the maths, remembering last week's spend was $141.60

... Okay this week's eBay spend equates to $83.65, so well below last weeks yay! Although admittedly last week's contained a $70 handbag, so that may have skewed it a bit!

Yay, I am glad I am under, let's hope I can keep it up for the next week!



  1. Oooh I love the ring and those shirts! Good buys x

  2. I loooooove those Zac Posen pussy bow shirts. I went nuts when they first came out and got all 4 of them!!! :p

  3. BB: hahaha why does that not surprise me lol :-)

    The ring is selling on their website for $70, so I'm stoked I got mine new for so cheap!! They also have an etsy store that sells some items too, as well as their online store - just google the name, glint by mich

  4. LOVE that ring. The shirts are adorable too. I don't think you can really regret these purchases :)

  5. OMG, you really ARE an ebay eddict! i love it! Keem 'em coming. I haven't bought anything on ebay for ages!
    As for me, in the 3 months I managed 2 Chanel bags (for my upcoming birthday and Christmas presents!) and 1 freshwater pearl set (studs, necklace and bracelet) for $19.95!