Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing the weekly "what has she bought off eBay now?" Post

Girls you know I love to share my bargain buys with you. In the past I have never really posted about my eBay buys as I just make SO much of them. But in an effort to perhaps curb my spending habit, I have now decided at the end of each week to chronicle all of my eBay purchases for the week.

This week it is only a handful of items, so not too bad - but I have been known to buy a few items a day off eBay in the past - let's hope I don't get back to that stage!

Purchase #1: Pink Corporation Tan Leather Bag: $85.00 posted.

Purchase #2: Kookai Leather Clutch: $20.10 posted.

Purchase #3: An Ode to No One Silk Blouse: $21.50 posted.

Purchase #4: Sportsgirl Black Riding-Style Pants: $15.00 posted

Okay, so for the record that's $141.60 which I have spent on eBay this week. Let's hope next week the figure will be smaller than that!


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