Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zoemou Jewellery On Sale Now

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Morning girls! Zoemou jewellery is on sale today at Other brands on sale today there include Oscar the Third and Fernado Frisoni, but I didn't see much to inspire me from those sales.

Anyway back to Zoemou, I have seen this brand pop up on the sale sites a few times now, but never bought anything. But today I picked up two pieces! Seems there was only one of each stock as both styles are now sold out hehe.

Both were originally $76.00 each, and I got them for $25.00 each

Violet Necklace in pewter: (wood)

Blossom Necklace in black: (leather)

I am very proud that I restrained myself to only two items. Here are my picks of the items left though!

Lace Necklace (leather) $40:

Artemis Necklace (wood) $45:

Isabella Earrings (wood) $30:
Valeria earrings (wood) $30:

Happy Shopping girls!


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  1. I didn't know they had leather stuff now too! Will definitely check it out.