Monday, August 30, 2010

GIVEAWAY TIME! Help me reach the big 100!

Wow, I am completely overdue for a giveaway for my lovely blog followers. So I guess that means I'm going to have to make it a big one! :)

Okay girls, I am currently at 78 Followers. For every new follower that joins from now, I will be adding ONE item of mine to the give-away glory box. I will post as this happens, so you can see exactly what is being added with each new follower. It will be a mix of make-up, jewellery, accessories - non-specific items that everyone can enjoy (as I'm guessing not many of you will fit into my size 5 shoes or my size 6 clothes!).

To Kick-start us off, the first freebie added to the Glory Box is this:
1) Catch & Kiss Jewellery Snowflake necklace. RRP of $100, I bought it for $20, now you can have it for FREE!

This means that once I have reached 100 followers, there will be 23 items to be snapped up - I also haven't decided how to divide it yet, but there will be MORE than one winner - I am thinking 3-4 at this stage = more chances to win yay!

So, what do you have to do now?
1) If you aren't yet a follower of my blog, then DO IT.
2) If you are already a follower, score yourself an EXTRA entry by simply mentioning my giveaway on your blog. Please just leave a comment letting me know you have done this to get the extra entry.

Let's hope we can make it to 100, I have some smashing items to add to the Glory Box!


  1. Can you see who we are if we follow you privately? Or does it have to be public?
    - S

  2. I think if you follow me privately I can't actually see you, and you don't show up as a follower of my blog, so I don't know you're there and can't count you as part of my 100 followers target unfortunately :(

  3. Woot woot will mention on my blog too, congrats on getting more subbies :) my blog is will post about it tomorrow :)

  4. I am new follower number 79!!!!I will let folks know to come by and follow.I will send out a tweet or something.

  5. Jadegrrrl: Thankyou for your link, 1x extra entry for you!

    meeyeehere: Fantastic, please post back a link showing your tweet etc. so that I can confirm it and count it as an extra entry :)

  6. hi im ur new follower n this is the 1st time im joining a contest here! so excited!
    heres my little blog with a small link of ur freebies!

    ps: do we get to choose our freebies? or is it random?

  7. Hi
    I just added myself as your follower. The snowflake necklace is realllly pretty. Hope u reach a hundred followers:)

  8. nattalliee: I will try to give the lucky winners a choice with their freebies, but its likely some will be wanting the same things, in which case I will have to make some of it random to be fair!