Friday, August 6, 2010

i nuovi professional make-up all $1.00 each!

Okay, so funny way I stumbled onto a bargain today. Ozsale is having a sale on this brand of make-up. A few things caught my eye, but as I'd never really heard of the brand before I did some Googling. As it turns out, there is a site having a $1.00 sale on lots of their products! Considering most things are usually $20.00+, this is a complete bargain!

The website link for the brand i nuovi is:
-Highly recommend having a look on here at the colour samples, as the $1.00 sale site does not display colours, just names.

The website link for the store selling items for $1.00 each is:

I bought 34 items. That is 34 items for $34.00. Plus $11.00 postage, so $45.00 all up. I bought a mix of eye shadows, lipstick, and blushes. Seriously... $1 a pop, how can you go wrong?

If you are in the market for new make-up, then now is a good time to buy. I bought a lot of things in different shades to get a better idea of what will suit me for my future make-up purchases. Again I must stress... $1.00 per item!!!

As a side note, Ozsale does have some items that this Stefan Hair Fashion website does not. I am still considering buying the CHEEKROUGE and some dust pots off Ozsale (although they are not $1.00 each, but still a bargain). Apparently according to my Google searches, their dust pots are very similar to MAC pigment pots.

Happy shopping girls!
~The Style Pot.

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