Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mogil Leather = Yum! + Giveaway Item #2 unveiled!

Ahh gosh I love a bargain. Okay awesome sale going on right now at I wanted so many things, but in the end settled for just one - this is my attempt at cutting back on the shopping habit hehe. I got this bag: It is called Ios, 100% leather (of course!), and I love it!

RRP of $480, I got it for $120!

There are SO many other great items up at the moment. My picks are;
-Maquerita Bone Ankle Boot (SO wish this was in my size!)
-L'Amant Heels (Again, not in my size)
-The Embrace Clutch

-I would add pics but you'll just have to go look for yourself as I am saving this space now for the announcement of the 2nd item I am adding to the GIVEAWAY GLORY BOX as we have just hit follower 79 yay! Slowly, but surely! :)

GIVEAWAY #2 = Benefit Ooh La Lift!
-Okay now this one has been tested by me ONCE, and other than that it is a full size tube! You can see it selling on the Myer store here for $39.00

Yay! I hope you can see that I am not just giving away trash from my collection as some people do, I am actually giving away items with considerable value! So please spread the word out so you can have a chance at winning these items for FREE.



  1. Hi hon, is this item still available? Please let me know :) Thanks, Sushi

  2. Hey Sushi! Do you mean the Benefit freebie? It is part of my Giveaway promotion that I am doing to get to 100 followers. For every new follower I am adding a freebie item to the pile, and then once I reach 100 all of my followers are eligible to enter themselves to win a share of the freebies.

    The post with all the info is just below this one! Hope that helps!