Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another ASOS Buy

ASOS still have free international shipping, so I picked up this basic for about $18AUD. I couldn't find any valid codes, but this was a cheapie purchase so I'm not too fussed. The amount of people who will not buy unless they have a 10% or 20% off code amuses me. For larger purchases I can understand as the savings can be considerable, but for one or two item purchases I really do not understand. For example with this shirt, I am not going to let a $1.80 difference stop me from buying the item. Is it really about the savings (surely not...), or is it just principle-based because everyone now expects ASOS to always have a code?

Also, I thought I read in an email that the free international shipping would be ending soon. Can't seem to find it anywhere though... maybe it was just something about Christmas shopping deadlines?

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