Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post-Christmas Shopping - ONLINE

Okay girls, time for an update on what I have been buying online post-Christmas (so far!). I will follow shortly with a post of what I picked up in the city during the post-Christmas sales.

Okay, online purchases:

(1) As already posted, picked up this One Teapsoon Asylum Vest for $20 (normally $100). From the boxing day sale on at

(2) From, I picked up the following from their Ksubi sale.

-Ksubi Red Skennar Sunnies for $30 (normally $280)
-Ksubi Super Skinny Jeans in Blue Squawk for $20 (normally $270)

(3) From

-Mypetsquare Maps Shirt for $30 (normally $100)

-Mypetsquare Andes Fun Dress for $31.50 (normally $105)

(4) From the sale at

-Blessed are the Meek Ruffled skirt for $10 (normally $130)

-Luxe Accessories Tea Rose Leather Wallet for $20 (normally $88)

-Ada G Leather Zip Shoulder Bag for $30 (normally $80)

-Kuku Moroccan Nights Dress for $50 (normally $190)

(5) I purchased Samantha Wills earrings from two places:

-Firstly these Peacock Plume Earrings from for $30 (normally $80)

-Then these SW earrings from eBay for $5.50 (not including postage). Apparently a few small jewels are missing, hopefully it's not too noticeable IRL.

(6) I have also made a Victoria's Secret order from their sale, but won't bother uploading photos, we all know what bras and undies look like!

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