Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vogue KK 2010 Love

Today I got my gorgeous Vogue KK 2010 gift! I was super excited to receive it, and very happy with what I received. I wrote so much on my registration list as I didn't want to leave my KK in the dark. So glad I did as it really was a mystery right up to opening it of what it might have been!

I received this gorgeous tan bag from forever new. I absolutely love its satchel-like style and the buckles. Cannot wait to use it. I love Vogue KK so much, and feel very lucky for once again having such a great KK who put so much effort into researching my personal style and finding something that is perfect for me. Much love to the voguette MrsRyan if you are reading this :)


  1. woww lucky you! i always forget about vogue kk every year..and when i realise, its too late lol.

  2. Oh, gorgeous bag! I've been eyeing it in Forever New for ages. Lucky girl! xx

  3. Wow what a gorgeous present! I want to join in the Vogue KK next year :) x Sushi

  4. I was a bit late in registering for the Vogue KK this yr. Gorgeous satchel bag and the perfect size too. Merry Christmas x